10 x Pond Art Cards


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Artist: Dayne

A resident of Canada

Dayne is a gentle giants, with a spirit so vibrant, such a kind soul and a willingness to explore. Dayne suffers from a brain injury, and his capacity to focus is short. Though he may not have thought much about art before, in the summer of 2021, Jamie Black worked with Dayne, sitting in the same spot at Innisfree Botanical Farm and Garden every week for 8 weeks, where they sipped a medicinal cup of tea after volunteering and weeding the labyrinth.
As they sat, Jamie would hold Daynes writing hand and help him move it in ways that related to the shapes they saw; circles for stones, up and down lines for grasses, squiggles for branch limbs and curves for leaves and water. Jamie helped Dayne choose the wqter color pencil crayons that related to the colors of nature, and they quietly focused for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, once a week.
Finally, his mom got to witness the two of them sitting and working on the final touches of his masterpiece.
His mother witnessed and shared “He was so focused, and he seems so proud of his art.  I think it’s because you are so kind and gentle with him.”
Jamie says “It was extraordinary how he would calm himself and trust me.  It’s the first time I have ever guided someone’s hand to draw.  We explored all the different shapes, and textures, and was able to do parts of it on his own.  Since it was watercolor pencil crayons, the fun bit was adding the water at the end, and watching the colored lines transform. He seems so proud. I’m so proud of him.”
This art is now An Art Card for a Cause for sale, supporting young people to have access to art, music and outdoor adventures at Wild Craft Play ‘sCool and the SoLe Adventure Program.

10 x 4″ x 6″ Art Cards include envelopes.

This fundraiser is brought to you by Wild Craft Play ‘sCool

Inspiring wonderment and love for the Earth

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