Learn to Lead Wild Craft Play



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Professional Development
For Program Leaders, Teachers & Parent/Guardians

Who work with groups of 6 to 30 children outside.

Wild Craft Play is an original adventurous platform for outdoor play and learning.

We took aspects of board games, videogames and tabletop role-play games and turned it into a live quest outside. Some say “it’s like living in a storybook.” Where we are the characters, and the world is our quest. Your role is to be a Game Master like in Dungeons and Dragons, where you empart the next story, then say “now what?” and allow the adventure to unfold.

Your adventure can be filled with make-believe and imagination, AND it can be for real-life discovery. All designed to Learn by Doing having Fun with a Purpose.

This 8-week experiential, self-paced training program is filled with engaging tools and confidence building practices, a community of practitioners and a personal guide.

Ideal for groups of 6 to 30 children, ages 8-12.

PS. Our program qualifies for the BC Training Grant.

Whether you are a parent/guardian, a program leader or a teacher, pull these tools out and unleash them on your kids and soak-up the wonderment.  Wild Craft Play is a challenging, engaging and rewarding game that fosters independence, leadership, critical thinking, group decision making and compassion.  By focusing on honing your skills as a facilitator you get to support social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing in young people through theatrical role-play in Nature. Can you believe this is a job?

Included in your Wild Craft Play License to Lead:

  1. 8-Week Self-paced Online Mentorship from Jamie Black Master of Adventure ($200)
  2. Wild Craft Play Manual – Version 2.0 ($70)
    • Including a timeline, lesson plan, and training videos
  3. Secret Storybook ($80)
    • Water Resistant hand-made book, with removable waterproof pages
    • Including Act 1, Scenes 1 & 2, mini child manual, how to make money sheet, 4 archetype cards
  4. Hazard Assessment Training – 4-hour online module ($40)
  5. Snailbox – hand-painted ($60)
  6. Waterproof 25 Card Deck of Sacred Story characters made by Joelique ($30)
  7. Waterproof WildCraft 100 Cards from ($45)
  8. Annual License to Lead + Eternal Community of Support (Priceless)


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