5 Tree Wishes – Unetched


1 Quantity = 5 of these Tree Wishes

3 – 4 inches long  |  1/2 inch diameter  |  Rounded edges and carved side

These Tree Wishes are hand made by our local Wizard Ronaldo.  He is one of our kind woodsman, who is an arborist among many other skills, and hand-crafts these sweet tree wishes for our Wild Craft Live Action Role Play Club.

We will be wood burning Celtic Tree Ogham Alphabet onto our Tree Wishes and using them to divine the future, to give as an offering to Nature spirits and use for crafting, decorating and twiddling. For example, there’s always something we want from the Faeries, and they only accept silver or biodegradable items.

See the Celtic Tree Ogham booklet for the Alphabet of the trees so that you can write your name or word(s) on your Tree Wish.


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